How I increased my testosterone over 1000ng/dl naturally

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I'm going to teach you the only testosterone hacks that I live by.

I have refined these hacks over nearly 10 years, which will allow you to maximize testosterone naturally without having to inject yourself or become a complex biohacker.

If you ever failed at keeping your T high or boosting your testosterone in the past, it's not your fault. There's a lot of information out there and it can be confusing and overwhelming. That information overload keeps you from success and it's ok.

If you've been concerned or overwhelmed in the past that you can be successful with optimizing your testosterone, I want to put those fears to rest once and for all. You can do this, you just need the right person to explain this to you.

Other gurus want you to think that only specific supplements will work or that TRT is the only viable solution to feel like a man. I'm here to tell you that they're wrong. They have their own reasons for wanting you to think that, but it's not true.

If you've ever wondered if supplement companies just want you hooked on their supplements/drugs, you're probably right. They don't benefit from your success. They want to keep you in need. The difference with me is that I actually care about your success and I truly want to see you live the life of your dreams.

That's what I'm here for. I know you to live your dream life and optimize your potential. That's what I'm going to show you in this book.

This is for men who want to boost their testosterone naturally or want to come off of TRT and optimize things naturally.

This book is not about natural testosterone optimization, it's about becoming an Alpha Energy Male that allows you to live to your true potential.

In the past few years, after I became an Alpha Energy Male, I've had an amazing time. I've:

  • Became a successful entrepreneur
  • Recovered from many health conditions, such as hypothyroidism, low libido, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, seborrheic dermatitis, low energy, fungal issues, deteriorating eyesight, poor quality hair, deteriorated teeth (it remineralized, cracks healed and enamel grew back), crippling anxiety, and more.
  • Become a lot more physically functional
  • Added 30lbs of muscle
  • Gained large amounts of strength (e.g. 70kg for 11 reps on military press, 60kg around my waist for 2 reps on dips, 40kg around my waist for 2 reps on pull-ups)
  • Cliff dived, white water tubing and zip lined in Tsitsikamma
  • Hiking all over South Africa
  • Climbed Table mountain in Cape Town
  • Done life-saving and swam with sharks in Mossel bay
  • and much more

And I've helped other men:

  • Achieve high and stable energy
  • Restore libido and erectile function (even in their 70s)
  • Gain confidence to do what they've always avoided out of fear
  • Build muscle more easily
  • Make fat loss easy and enjoyable
  • and much more

I now feel stronger, more athletic, healthier and younger as a 30-year-old than I did in my early 20s.

I want to share 3 secrets with you

I’m going to share 3 secrets with you about testosterone optimization and how you can benefit from it too.

And I know what you’re probably thinking: "It won't work in my case".

I’m going to show you how to maximize testosterone naturally, according to your personal needs, and get amazing results.

So the first secret is, testosterone is what makes you a man.
The big idea here is, testosterone has been involved in shaping you before you were even born. This is important because, without high testosterone, it's very difficult to express manly traits, like having libido, energy, motivation and drive, confidence, and so on!

The second secret is, everyone can optimize/restore it to peak levels naturally. The main thing to understand here is that we have the capacity to create large amounts of testosterone, we just have to open the floodgates. This means, not doing it naturally is majorly skipping out on the most important hormone a man has.

The third secret is, it's very easy to optimize your testosterone naturally. Everyone can do it with even minimal time, money, skill and resources. This is key because this makes consistency a walk in the park.

Now, I know what you’re thinking.

"How can increasing testosterone naturally be easier than TRT?"

Well, the tricky thing is that using TRT is just (temporarily) treating a symptom!

And I'm offering this book on natural testosterone optimization that will restore your manly hormones to peak levels, without just addressing the symptoms.

Implementing my tactics won't just resolve your primary issue (AKA low testosterone), but also resolve/improve many other aspects you might not even have thought were a problem.

And so what this is going to do is transform what you know is possible!

And I, as the coach who has increased his testosterone over 1000ng/dl naturally, have done the same for other men (naturally) who thought their only option was TRT.

So what I’ve done is, I’ve created a natural testosterone optimization blueprint that can help any man with his specific problem.

If you click the link, you'll get access to that blueprint right away.

I honestly don’t know how much longer I'll keep prices this low because of the value and demand.

So click the link to get your blueprint today while it’s still available.

I'm always here to help and I can’t tell you all the amazing results I’ve gotten for men of all ages, just like you who are struggling with low testosterone.

I also have a Testo-Launch, but here I’m talking about this amazing blueprint; My Step-By-Step Guide on How To Maximize Testosterone Naturally.

I can’t wait for you to get your hands on this.

Have a great day.

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How I increased my testosterone over 1000ng/dl naturally

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