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The best way to lose fat and optimize testosterone!

Why this product will help you

Losing fat if you're overweight is a great way to not only look better and improve your health but also to increase testosterone.

The increase in testosterone (which can be supercharged with the right foods and lifestyle hacks) will supercharge your fat loss.

These feedforward loop create a snowball effect where more fat loss leads to higher testosterone and vice versa.

But beware, if the diet is not done right, you'll end up with less energy, poor sleep, loss of libido, a drop in motivation and drive, becoming hangry, etc.

I'm sure you have experienced those before on a diet right?

Following this diet for superior fat loss and testosterone optimization will give you:

  • Better energy
  • Better satiety
  • Long term success

But best of all, this diet will prevent:

  • A drop in libido
  • Sleep deterioration
  • Hangry feelings
  • A loss of daily drive and motivation

All of which are common on regular diets.

My journey that led to the creation of this product

There were 2 times when I had excess fat that I was unhappy with. When I had low testosterone, I had this stubborn midsection fat. No matter how much cardio I did, how long I fasted, how much I cut my calories, I couldn't get rid of it. Instead, I was losing muscle and strength.

The other time I was eating too much in general, doing a "lean bulk". This time, when I cut back on my calories, fat came off easy, satiety, libido, motivation, drive, sleep, energy, etc, was on point. Instead of losing muscle, I kept on gaining strength (a good proxy for muscle), while losing fat.

Me at 90kg, 5'10"

Fat loss is easy...only when you eat and do the right things.

If you don't do the right things, you can expect poor satiety, food cravings, hangry feelings, low libido, poor sleep, bad recovery, etc.

And worse of all, rebound.

After you've reached your goal, the first thing you want to do is get off that horrendous diet. Quickly you're back to the weight you were before you dieted down or even higher.

I'm going to give you the tools to prevent all of that. Lose weight and keep it off. Optimize testosterone and keep it high.

What you'll get in this ebook

  • Dietary guidelines on how much calories, protein, carbs and fats to eat.
  • Which foods are best for increasing testosterone, satiety, energy, etc.
  • What lifestyle tricks/habits is best for increasing testosterone and promoting fat loss.

Bonus content

  • What do to if you want a cheat day/meal
  • Meal ideas recipes
  • List of testosterone-boosting instant foods that will help you stay on the diet
  • Supplements that will help speed up fat loss and increase testosterone
  • Supplements that can help improve thyroid function

What you can expect from implementing these tricks

Long-term success.

I can't guarantee how much or how fast you'll lose fat, but I can guarantee that you'll lose weight, keep it off and end up with higher testosterone if you stick to these guidelines.

I always play the long-term game. Make long-term changes.

The tricks and methods in this book can be implemented for the rest of your life without you feeling like you're missing out on anything or sacrificing enjoyment.

What's the worse that can happen?

You only lose 5lbs instead of 50? But your testosterone doubles? Still a massive win. Next attempt cut calories a bit more for bigger fat loss.

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