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Living the high testosterone life!

I wake up as the sun comes up after a refreshing, deep night of sleep.

The first emotion is excitement about the day and not depression, avoidance and unfulfillment.

I roll over and kiss my beautiful wife with whom I had amazing sex the previous night.

Each morning after waking I enjoy a glass of milk in the sunlight. I get my thoughts ready of what I want to accomplish that day. I experience no feelings of stress or being overwhelmed. "Stress" is an opportunity rather than an opponent.

The rest of the day is a blend of enjoying activities I like, such as creating content, planning, spending time with my son and wife, being active, lifting weights and spending some more time with my son and wife.

When testosterone and other androgens are high, you experience stress resiliency, life enjoyment, drive, motivation, enthusiasm, loads of energy, high libido, calmness and centeredness. When you work towards a goal, progress goes smoothly.

I know everyone would want to be in an optimal state where they are the peak version of themselves in order to excel in each aspect of their life that they want.

One of the biggest regrets is not doing enough. Letting life slide by you. Not reaching your peak and prime when you had the chance.

Luckily, men peak in their 30s and 40s and can maintain high testosterone into their 70s and 80s. It's rarely ever too late.

Why not start today and crush life for decades to come?

I haven't always had high testosterone

Let me share with you my story of going from low T poster boy, to a high T man!

Let's start from the beginning.

This was me in high school.

I was the definition of low testosterone.

  • I was puny (low/no muscle mass)
  • Zero confidence
  • Zero social skills
  • Afraid - I struggle to make eye contact with others. I couldn't speak my mind even if someone asked me if I wanted to say something.
  • Couldn't approach women, so I just stared at the ones I liked like a creep. I couldn't even approach the easy ones. The ones you know you don't want as a long-term partner.
  • I had no drive in life. My grades sucked since I didn't study hard enough, because I didn't have any drive or vision.
  • Very insecure. I wanted to fit in and not be seen. On one hand, I wanted to dress and behave "good" so that others would like me, yet I didn't want to do anything to stand out. If someone wanted to give me a compliment because something stood out, that extra attention would make me feel very insecure and I rather wanted to avoid it.
  • I would lay in bed at night fantasizing about beating up my bullies, but never had the guts to stand up for myself and behave like a man in the first place.
  • I masturbated chronically since I didn't have the guts to control myself and channel that energy into something else
  • I couldn't stand up for myself. An embarrassing story is that I was intimidated and scared of my cousin that was younger than me just because he had a more intense personality and energy. If someone called me out, I would just let it slide and hoped they don't punch me. Another embarrassing incident was when a guy grabbed me by the collar. I grabbed him back. He told me to let go of him and I DID!!!! I felt like such a wimp.

The only time I felt good was when I was either doing parkour alone outside or playing games, hiding inside.


In college, I started lifting and looking better. But despite my exterior looking better, my interior was still broken. You might think that I had confidence, and yes I did...when I had a lot of alcohol in me. No alcohol, no confidence.

Any time I had to do something fearful, like talk in front of the class, I would sweat profusely and my posture would deteriorate, screaming BETA!!

Then I discovered weed. I drowned my loneliness, insecurity and unfulfilledness by smoking weed daily with my stoner buddies. What better to do than surround yourself with like-minded people so that you don't grow!

Instead of learning a new sport, meeting new people and going on adventures, I blew all my money smoking weed and drinking alcohol. What a waste!

I started to suffer from anhedonia and low-grade depression, where things I used to enjoy didn't feel/seem that exciting anymore.

I was still chronically masturbating and not having the courage to build new relationships with anyone. Even if I was interested in a topic, I wouldn't ask the person more about it, since I had too much anxiety. Shameful!

Another embarrassing/frustrating/ridiculous story was when I had the opportunity to learn from a chemistry professor who was also a bodybuilder. He was open to teaching me about supplements, exercise, etc., but because I was so shy/afraid/anxious, I avoided him. Even when he was friendly and wanted to approach/greet me, I scurried away like a weirdo. He probably thought I didn't like him and I missed out on that opportunity.

And the worse is that a lot of guys do the same with girls/women they like. They are just so shy or anxious that they can't approach the girl. Thus the girl thinks they are not interested or are just a weirdo creep.

After college

  • I couldn't stand up for others. I still feel humiliated about it. When my wife's dad disrespected us and specifically her, I didn't say or do anything. I submitted. That boils me up inside.
  • Low energy
  • Really unhappy - you can just see it beaming from my face on the photo on the right. I cringe looking at these photos.
  • Had low libido and a long refractory period. My wife and I only had sex about every 1-2 weeks and each session didn't last very long since I suffered from premature ejaculation. After orgasm, I became agitated and mean, sometimes for a couple of days afterward.
  • I didn’t see much value in myself.
  • Still had anxiety and no confidence.

When it started to change

The catalyst for change happened when I married my girlfriend (now wife) and started working in the family business.

There I got interested in their supplements. This leads me to discover testosterone.

I was like: "You want to tell me I can become confident, build muscle, get strong, become likable, get amazing erections, have glorious sex, and become a manly man just by optimizing testosterone?! SIGN ME UP!!!"

From there I started experimenting and researching like crazy. Diet, lifestyle, supplements, everything.

1 year after starting to research and experiment, things started to change and improve. As I implemented what worked, I noticed exponential results.

Since then I have completely flipped how I was.

Change include:

  • I'm stress-resilient
  • No more porn or masturbation. I channel that energy into my life, business and relationship with my wife.
  • A lot more muscle mass
  • No problem speaking my mind
  • Taking leadership
  • I have a LOT of energy
  • I feel creative and want to work and improve all aspects of my life
  • Sleep is amazing
  • Our sex life is amazing. Our average sessions are at least 30min. And this is because we don’t have sex just for the orgasm anymore, but because sex is amazing.
  • I’m able to continually make progress in the gym
  • Depressive episodes are gone
  • I enjoy everything I do to the maximum
  • I’m always looking for ways to have more fun and grow
  • Life seems optimistic instead of dark and cloudy
  • I don’t feel intimidated or fearful. I can make eye contact, start a conversation, and say what I want to say since I have no anxiety and know my value. No more inner trembling.

Boy am I happy I have high testosterone now!

I cringe looking at my old photos and recalling those memories. However, the past doesn't define us. We need to learn and use that pain to encourage change.

Fixing low testosterone was easy. I just needed the right tool and methods of implementation. Once I got that dialed in, everything fell in place.

Is there an area in your life where you are frustrated because you don’t know how to implement the right thing? What should I do, how should I do it, when should I do it, etc.

You can dive in and learn these things for yourself, but why not ask an expert that has been researching this (and helping others with the same problem) for nearly a decade. If your car breaks down and you don’t really know how to fix your car, would you rather take it to a professional mechanic or try to fix it yourself after watching YouTube vids?

The expert will get you sorted in no time since that’s what he does for a living.

Ask yourself:

  • If I don't take action today, where would I be in another month or another year?
  • If I had all the tools/knowledge available, would I implement it? Is this a good time for me to make these kinds of changes?
  • Am I ready to experience improvement right now?

If you're ready, grab life by the horns and get the ball rolling!

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