Become an Alpha Energy Male: maximize your testosterone naturally

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"You have to go on TRT" is your doctor's first response.

You described all your low testosterone symptoms to your doctor: "I have low energy, low libido, waning drive in life, losing the passion to get up in the morning, gaining fat around your midsection, struggling to build muscle, and getting prediabetic symptoms."

He likely doesn't know 1 trick on how to increase testosterone naturally. Even worse, he doesn't know you can increase testosterone naturally. But he knows about injecting testosterone. Testosterone is low, let's raise your levels artificially.

Testosterone declines with age. It's inevitable, right? Nothing else you can do.

But you're not ready to take a stab at TRT yet.

The amazing thing is, your testosterone is controlled by your diet and lifestyle. Not by age. Yes, you heard that correctly. Men in their 60s and 70s can also have testosterone over 700ng/dl!

Is TRT the solution?

For many men, it helps a lot. But it doesn't 100% get them where they want to be. Some men actually don't notice anything from TRT.

And that's because low testosterone is a symptom. Low testosterone might be a causal factor for your symptoms, but low testosterone itself is a symptom that can be easily fixed.

Low testosterone is like having a thorn in your side. TRT is like putting a pain-killing salve on that area. It takes the pain away, but it doesn't fix the cause.

Low testosterone is a symptom

If low testosterone is a symptom, what else might also be a symptom? Right?

Is brain fog, poor sleep, slow metabolism, feeling old, low motivation just symptom of low T, or is low T a similar symptom?

That is correct, low testosterone is a symptom.

That's why it's so crucial to create a healthy foundation that will get rid of the low testosterone (as well as all the other) symptoms.

Where to start to increase testosterone

What I'm going to share with you is completely different from what others expect might have you believe.

It all comes down to energy. We are energy beings. Our mitochondria generate (electrical) energy. In a high-energy state, everything flourishes. Most healthy people are in a high energy state. A drop in energy leads to rapid aging and all related symptoms, such as low testosterone.

This might seem overwhelming. How do you fix a low energy state?

With dietary and lifestyle modifications. People tell me that they really love the fact that my course helps them improve via natural and practical methods. Simple, easily applicable guidelines to reclaim high testosterone.

Feel indecisive?

Book a free 15min call with me here and ask me any questions you might have to see if this course is the right fit for you.

My journey to high testosterone

A few years ago, I was a mess. I suffered from low testosterone in my mid-twenties. Nothing like taking your health for granted right?

I suffered from:

  • Low energy
  • Poor sleep
  • Diabetic symptoms
  • Anxiety and low confidence
  • Episodic depression
  • Low libido - I often had no interest in sex for weeks on end
  • Long refractory period - after an orgasm, I would get angry and depressed and it would take me a couple of days just to get an erection again.

The accumulation of poor diet, terrible lifestyle habits and stress caught up with me, crashing my testosterone levels.

It's not fun to have low T in your 20s (or at any point in life).

I would look at other 20-year-olds, even certain 50-year-old men, seeing them being vibrant and making a success of their lives. I was mad. What's wrong with me? I'm in my 20s. This is supposed to be my prime time!

Pain is the best motivator. I couldn't tolerate this anymore. It had to stop.

I started doing massive amounts of research; implementing, eliminating and experimenting all the way.

In a couple of weeks, I was starting to make progress. Things started to gain momentum and snowball.

I'm now happier, faster, stronger, healthier and everything I could hope for compared to in my teens and early 20s.

Here is what I cured myself of:

>> Crappy mood


I felt anhedonic, mildly depressed, very anxious, and easily agitated and my mind was all over the place.

Often times I would struggle to get out of bed because I had no motivation. I would just go through the day without any real direction because I didn't have the desire to be creative and spontaneous.

The anxiety was so bad that I would feel shaky if I had to make eye contact with someone and even got a stress reaction if I thought someone wanted to dice me or was looking for trouble.

I struggled to take action when I was motivated or inspired. This led to a lot of undone things and me getting nowhere.


Mood is great. I feel happy, grateful, calm, focused and unburdened. No more anxiety when I’m in public or talking with other people. And as a plus side, I'm now doing better in life (and business) than ever before.

>> Hair loss


I started getting those U shapes, shedding, dandruff and frizzy hair.

I had to always keep my hair short, or else it would be like a mad scientist frizzy style. Not the style I was going for.

My wife couldn't even give me a head massage without my shoulders looking like a snowstorm from all the dandruff.


No more hair loss. I even grew those areas back. I also cured my frizzy hair and can grow long hair if I like.

No more dandruff and my wife can give me head massages without getting dandruff all over the place.

>> Achy muscles and joints


Got out of bed slowly and hunched. Limped around for a bit just to get warm enough to walk normally again.


Can get out of bed, without grunting and humping over like an old man. I'm also a lot more functional and explosive than I used to be.

I'm currently a poly-athlete, doing strength training, bodybuilding, calisthenics, tricking, parkour and other forms of athletic activities (sprinting, rock running, etc).

>> Horrendous sleep


I woke up 4-6 times per night (sometimes more) and struggled to reach deep sleep. I slept for 10 hours per night and still woke up tired and unrefreshed.


I sleep throughout the night for at least 8 hours straight and wake up before my alarm clock, refreshed.

>> Muscle and strength loss


My wife told me the other day: "Do you remember how you cursed yourself almost daily for how small and weak you felt? You kept asking if you would ever be able to reach your previous baseline again."


Now I'm 33lbs of muscle over my best previous peak, and I gained it all within 12 months! I'm also the strongest I've ever been (few examples: 320lbs bench, 315lbs Zercher squat, 500lbs deadlift, 225lbs military press) and there is no stop in sight.

>> Sexual dysfunction


I had almost no libido and struggled to get and keep him up. If I actually got that right, I couldn't even last more than 1 minute. Infuriating!

Sexual thoughts would never have gotten him up.


Great sexual function. Have no problem getting him up and keeping him up. I have morning wood each morning. Sexual thoughts of my wife get him up no problem (something I didn't even have during puberty).

>> Digestion issues and food sensitivities


I would get dermatitis and dandruff "attacks" when I ate benign foods like potatoes, onion, grains and most other foods.


I can eat anything without having any digestive problems or dermatitis or dandruff flare.

Where would I have been if I didn't take action?

There are only two ways to move in life; you’re either moving forward or you’re moving backward, there is no such thing as standing still.

Am I a special case?

Not at all. Before life hit me square between the eyes, I was having a sub-par (based on what I know now) puberty and adolescent life. In my mid 20s, the bad diet and lifestyle choices caught up with me...HARD!

Shit fell apart.

And as they say, necessity is the father of all inventions.

I researched and experimented my butt off for years on end with diet, specific foods, lifestyle tricks, different supplement combinations, etc. And once I invented the proper protocol and fit all the right pieces together, I restored myself within 3 months. That might seem like a long time, but given that I've neglected myself for over a decade, I'm actually very happy with how fast I improved.

And it wasn't just like I suddenly went from 0 to hero only after month 2. It was a gradual process. Some things improved quickly, whereas others took longer. But as with all things, consistency is the key. And if you're consistent with the right things, the results can be expected quickly.

Learn the exact principles and protocols that I used (and many of my clients) to skyrocket testosterone.

Maximizing my natural production of testosterone enabled me to grab life by the horns and live the life I want.

Since so many other men also struggle with these things I struggled with, I want to help them as best as I can. I have found a solution for myself and want to make it accessible to everyone.

Everyone deserves to be the best version of themselves.

This course includes 4 modules on:

  • Optimizing diet
  • Improving your energy levels
  • Improving your sexual function
  • Fine-tuning your lifestyle

Each module has a multitude of videos that teaches you the principles and guidelines to succeed in each of these areas.

"As to methods there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The man who grasps principles can successfully select his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Each module starts with the foundation of how to accomplish the goal. The foundation always includes dietary and lifestyle things that are very cheap or completely free. Anyone can implement them. If you just implement the foundations of each module consistently, you'll be reaping 90%+ of the benefits already.

Show me the curriculum first

Module 1

  • Part 1 - Eliminate gut-irritating and immune-stimulating foods
  • Part 2 - Finding what works for you and implementing it
  • Part 3 - Supporting and improving digestion and calming the immune system

Module 2

  • Part 1 - Implementing the foundation to maximize energy levels
  • Part 2 - Best strategies to manage stress, one of the biggest energy-sinks
  • Part 3 - Maximizing life enjoyment: balancing neurotransmitters

Module 3

  • Discussing all things sexual function and androgens, including libido, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, testosterone and DHT.

Module 4

  • Part 1 - Maximizing sleep; foundations, supplements and routine
  • Part 2 - Adding the right form and duration of exercise that fits your schedule
  • Part 3 - What to avoid; toxins in the environment and what to do about it

Here is just one example (without the voice-over):

No one else is talking about it - the untold story

I teach you principles to an overall approach to improve yourself. Other micro-focus on concepts, which never get them anywhere.

One example of this is: 70% of the immune system is in the gut. Anything that activates the immune system will cause inflammation and dysfunction somewhere in the body, such as the testes. Did you know low testosterone depression, anhedonia, poor sleep, IBS, skin problems, dandruff, brain fog, blurry vision, etc., are all a result of the overactivation of the immune system? Who addresses the diet to calm the immune system? Almost no one.

Another example includes how your hormones play a role in how you feel. Not just your testosterone, but your dopamine, serotonin, testosterone to estrogen ratio, thyroid hormone levels, prolactin levels, etc.

Who has had success on the carnivore diet? Quite a few... Who has crashed on the carnivore diet? Too many and more and more are contacting me to help them with this. Micro-focusing can cause problems. Eliminating carbs for example can create problems in the long run.

The body is complicated, but the solution is simple.

This course puts all the dots together.

What everyone else is doing is micro-focusing only on one aspect. But the body doesn't work in isolation. There are many cogwheels in this complicated system.

A few wheels need to be adjusted. Not one, but a few. And it can simply be addressed via diet, lifestyle and a few supplements here and there for optimization.

Last but not least, I teach principles. For example, a carnivore diet is a method, not a principle. Once someone crash they don't know why, because they don't know or understand the principle, they only followed a method.

Clients' (that I work with) doctors have no idea what the problem is and they are amazed (and a bit intimidated) by how much their patients know after they worked with me.

After almost a decade of research and experimentation, I have a unique skill to simplify and explain complex things for anyone to be able to understand and implement immediately and effectively.

This whole course consists of easy-to-implement, time-effective methods to get the best bang for your buck.

My guarantee

I am so confident in this product that I am willing to give you a 3-month money-back guarantee. It took me less than 3 months to see major improvements, so you're bound to see major improvements in that same time period.

Here are the guidelines:
If you implement this course’s information on a consistent basis, you are guaranteed to get results.

But if you’ve implemented this information and haven’t gotten any results after 3 months, I will give you 110% of your money back.

All I will require is to see 3 cronometer screenshots (including macros and micros), at least one for each month, so that I can see you’ve implemented the guidelines that I’ve provided in this course.
So my only two conditions (to give you a full refund) are:

  1. That you complete 100% of the course
  2. That you provide me with 3 cronometer screenshots (showing the dates of each) – at least 1 for every month to show that you’ve been implementing my dietary recommendations.

Sound fair?

I don’t want you to invest in a course that you’re not going to implement.

I want you to be serious about getting results because I know you will succeed if you’re committed.

Have any more questions?

How soon will I expect results?

It all depends on the problem, but by changing the diet, results can be expected in the first 7 days, and even sooner.

Who is this for?

Those that want to have high testosterone and get rid of all the low testosterone symptoms.

Who is this not for?

I have not yet had anyone tell me that they did not benefit from the information in this course.

Is this an expensive diet and lifestyle?

Not at all. I always focus on foods and lifestyle tactics that are free or cheap and easily obtainable or available. When it comes to the foundation of everything, even a homeless person can implement most of these guidelines.

Is this time-consuming?

I'm generally a very time-effective (read: "lazy") person, so most of the things I recommend can be implemented right away without adding more time to your already packed day. If it takes too much time to do/make (as with diet), very few people will do it and actually benefit from it. I want everyone to benefit from these protocols.

I want this!
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Bonus: guide on how to use cronometer and log your food
Bonus: Diet guidelines and real superfoods
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Become an Alpha Energy Male: maximize your testosterone naturally

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